How to Use Video Chat On Facebook :updated 2019

In case you haven't heard, there's definitely a war going on in between Facebook and Google - and also its only just started. With all the recent buzz as well as buzz going around the Internet about Google+, Facebook decided that they needed to act to get back into the limelight; so they have actually now partnered with Skype to bring its customers video calling - How To Use Video Chat On Facebook.

This indicates that you as well as any one of your friends can see each other face-to-face using your webcams and also chat using your voice. Seeing that Google+ simply emerged with their video chatting function called Hangouts, this "new" function on Facebook seems rather unimaginative. Yet, Facebook's video calling feature is in fact pretty remarkable and also functions a little bit in different ways.

If you resemble me, the majority of your non-tech savvy member of the family and non-geeky friends have actually not even come across Google+; if they have actually read about it, more than most likely they're not willing to try it out. So that implies you're stuck still making use of Facebook as well as might also invite the brand-new functions (since there will absolutely be even more to find in this war) with open arms.

How To Use Video Chat On Facebook

Allow's take a look at how to make it possible for and utilize Facebook's brand-new video chat.


Before you can start video calling your friends, you will certainly should allow it. This can be done by mosting likely to the Facebook Video Calling page and clicking on the green "Get Started" switch. You'll then be motivated to download and run the Java application should utilize this function. Don't worry, this is a very quick procedure.

Note: The option to use this brand-new feature is not offered for everybody. When I asked my spouse to check out the web page, he was not able to see the green switch. It mentioned that the attribute had not been yet offered to him. In this case you'll need someone that could access the attribute to start a video call with you. From there, they'll be triggered to install and also run the Java application.

Ways to Call A Friend

There are 2 methods to call your friends.

First Technique

You can go into a chat window and also click on the camera icon from the top bar of the home window. This method allows you call any one of your friends.

If they have not enabled the feature, they'll be prompted to do so. If they aren't online, you'll be able to leave them a video message.

Second Approach

The other technique is by clicking the "call" button on your friend's profile web page. The "call" switch will appear right beside the message switch, in the top right of their profile web page.

If you take place to call them and also they're offline, you'll have the ability to leave a video message.

Keep in mind: The "call" switch will only appear if you're signed right into Facebook chat and also if that friend has the featured enabled. So if you don't see a telephone call switch, you'll need to use the very first technique to ensure that they'll be motivated to allow the feature.

Setup as well as Quality

The quality of the video chat is rather excellent. I have actually attempted Google+ Hangouts also and I have to confess that the quality of the camera was not virtually as clear as Facebook's video calls. There also just weren't almost as several "hiccups" (i.e. window cold or hold-ups).

If you've done a video chat in Skype, after that you'll acknowledge the configuration; there is a little window in the top right corner of the main home window to ensure that you could see yourself. When you're finished with a call, you can simply shut the home window to end it.

Here is the camera view without the controls. The home window can be enlarged, yet this is the smallest size. Even at complete screen sight, the high quality stayed superb.

Below is the camera sight with the controls. While I am writing this on Windows, I did test out the function on the Mac OS. So, your window could look a little various from mine. The only alternative readily available below is to transform the source of your microphone (i.e. internet or headset).

Final Thoughts

I do desire that there were even more options. For instance, there is currently no chance to silence your microphone from the video call window; so you 'd need to go into your computer system settings to do this or use the mute button on your headset (if it has one).

Additionally, unlike Google+ Hangouts, there is presently no way to do team video talks-- something that is sure ahead in handy for catching up with numerous loved ones, group tasks, conferences, meetings, and extra. In the meantime, you could still use Skype for that. Given that everybody is currently on Facebook as well as are not likely to in fact download and install Skype (if they haven't currently), this is certainly something that needs to be carried out ASAP. Nonetheless, you can do group text chats within the typical chat home window.

Exactly what are your thoughts on Facebook's new video calling function? Do you think it's a needed function? Is it something that you can see on your own and/or loved ones making use of in any way? Do not hesitate to inform us your ideas in the comments below.